"Run The World" is an initiative of The Youth Company, designed to encourage the youth of Qatar to lead an active, athletic and a healthy lifestyle. The festival also focuses on the person development of the youth in the country, while adhering the overall theme of "Youth & Sports".

Why Attend RTWF?

For the fourth, and biggest, edition of Run The World Festival, the integration of Qatari culture and traditions will be emphasized. The first day of this year's festival will be taking place on Qatar's National Day, so visitors will witness many unique Qatari performances, that have never been seen before at RTWF, and get to know Qatari culture on a whole new different level.

This year's festival will also include RTW Souq which will allow visitors to buy a variety of items and experience many different cultures at the same time. Along with these new editions will come an old time favorite, our Youth Got Talent performances. Although this year's festival will ultimately be bigger and better than our past festivals, our YGT tradition will always remain and the youth of Qatar will always be provided with the platform to showcase their talents in the spirit of Run The World.

Join us this year to embrace Qatar, experience new cultures, and enjoy the unique talents of our youth!

Participate in 4th Edition of RTWF

    1. Sports including   -    SIGN UP FOR SPORTS
          -   Basketball
          -  Volleyball
          -  Football
          -  Cricket
          -  BMX
          -  Skateboarding
          -  Parkour

      Street  -                         SIGN UP TO BE A STREET PERFORMER

      Village -                         SIGN UP FOR YOUR BOOTH AT THE SOUQ

18– 20 December Katara Beach

Join us this year to take part in many healthy lifestyle activities, sports tournaments, street and stage performances or by setting up your booth at our souq!




  • One of DNA Records main goals is to support and develop the talent of young people in Qatar and help offer a platform for those people to get out there and continue creating and developing as an artist.
    We love what The Youth Company are doing in Qatar and love the Youth Got Talent contest as it's a great example of offering that platform to young performers. We are hoping this will be the start of a long relationship with The Youth Company and really looking forward to seeing some of the talent at this years contest.
    Dan Brown - DNA RECORDS

    To be a partner at the festival email us at , gulkiz@theyouthcompany.com
Core Team
Mohamed Farid
Chairman & Founder – The Youth Company International
Abdulrahman Sajid
Project Manager – Run The World Festival 2014
Communications Director – Run The World Festival 2014
Gulkiz Fidan
Sales & Partnerships Coordinator
Ashok Choudhary
RTW Festival-Logistics Coordinator









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